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Connect to the first church

The early church is a fascinating story of people trying to carry on Jesus’ legacy and connect with God through community. Join us as we connect to the first church reality and see how we can learn from our ancestors in faith.  

Connect to Second Chances

We love and serve a God of second chances; God always makes a place for our bad moments and does not let it become our defining moment in life. Connecting to these second chances, accepting them for ourselves, and offering them to others, is key to the Christian life that God desires for us to live. God is giving us all a second chance (and a third, fourth, fifth…) Come accept that grace and learn how to offer it to the world.  

Connect to Holy Week

Holy Week is about more than just remembering Jesus’ last week here on Earth. Holy Week is about connecting ourselves to the stories of Holy Week in a way that connects us closer to God through the love, life, sacrifice, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Join us in worship this Holy Week as we strive to connect more closely to Jesus’ experience and holiness.

Connect the Why

There are so many times in life when things simply do not make sense, or we do not like the things that we are experiencing. Asking why and connecting our experiences to God’s loving response is crucial to making it through life. We may not always find satisfactory answers to our questions of why, but when we connect our why questions to God it makes walking through the realities of life significantly better.

Making Connections

In a divided and often polarized world, God created us to be connected. Reconciling these two differences is not an easy task, but when we are intentional about making connections, instead of being isolated, or making divisions, we can find the joy of life that God created us to experience. Come be connected with us in an all to often divided world!

Forward to Christmas

Christmas is the story of God loving us so much that God came in person to live among us and help us see unconditional love. Moving forward to Christmas is not just about getting closer to December 25 on the calendar, it is about getting closer to God who has done everything to get close to us.

Forward by Generosity

God’s generosity is truly amazing, and we have all been given so very much from God’s love. Moving into our new normal, we must learn to follow the example God has given to us and be extravagantly generous to the world around us. We have been given so very much, and all we have and all that we are is entrusted to us to be used to share Christ’s love.

Forward to Unity

Being united with each other as the body of Christ is one of the most constant themes in scripture. The unconditional love of Christ calls us to a unity that appreciates our differences while rejecting the worldly desire for uniformity.

Forward to Home

All of us travel, wander, or run away from home from time to time. Being in loving relationship with our creator God is our home, and we can always come home to a God of open arms. Knowing we can return home in Christ’s love is the best homecoming we can experience.

Forward to Courage

It takes true courage to live the life that God calls us to live. Learning to move forward through life with the courage that the Holy Spirit can provide us allows us to experience and share Christ’s love in new and meaningful ways.

Forward to New Vacations

We often think of vacations as time away from our normal routines and places, but what if vacation this summer could be time away from those things that keep us from being the people that God desires for us to be. What if we can take the vacations we really need, not just the vacations that we enjoy?

Forward to New Life

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is not the end of the story, it is the beginning of new life for us all. Living the Easter story and being people of new life and new beginnings is a key component of the Christian life.