Current Series

Journey to New Life

As we journey from wherever we have been to where we are going, we must remember that we are always Easter people and should be defined by the hope of new beginnings, new opportunities, and new life in Jesus Christ. 

Journey to the Cross

Just as Jesus journeyed to the cross, we too journey through pain, suffering, and loss. Join us on a Lenten journey as we find God’s grace, comfort, healing, and presence even as we “walk through the valley of the shadow of death”. -Psalm 23

Into the Unknown

The future seems less and less knowable. It’s increasingly difficult to make plans with any degree of certainty. As people of faith, we can grumble and complain about not having control or we can realize that no matter where we find ourselves, God is with us.

A Whole New Journey

Where to we go from here? Living life filled with the Spirit on this side of crisis.

Anyway in a Manger

It’s been a weird year. Family traditions and church traditions may not look the same as they always have. It may feel like Christmas just can’t or won’t happen this year. Yet, we’re reminded through the story of that first Christmas that it happens anyway.

United Not Divided

Finding unity in God’s unconditional love and grace allows us to be thankful for all of God’s children – even those who vote, believe, and think differently than we do. Christ insisted on unity of purpose, vision, and love no matter our differences. Let us journey together to find unity not division, to be united, not divided!

Seeing God in Times Like These

In the strange new realities that we find ourselves in, how do we continue to find and see God clearly? We are promised that God is always with us and that we are never alone, but seeing God and God’s work in our daily living can be a great challenge. Join us the next several weeks as we seek to learn how to see God in our midst.

Based in part on Barbara Brown Taylor’s book “An Altar in the World”

Seeing the Basics

Jesus said if we love God and love neighbor most everything else will fall into line. We also see through our faith tradition that we can best do that if we focus on three simple rules for life, “do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God”

Resurrection Vision

Seeing things through the lens of Jesus’ resurrection and the Easter story can and should change the way we live our lives!


No matter where we go or what we do, being able to come home to church and God is always reason for gratitude and celebration.

Faith of Our Ancestors

The faith of those we read about in scripture and those who have gone before us show us so many things a bout who we are as human beings and about God.