Leadership Committees

Church Council

Chair: Jason Ray
Staff Connection: Rev. Dr. Chris J. Hayes

+All members listed to the following committees and program/ministry staff

Lay Leadership/Executive Team

Chairs of Church Council, Finance Committee, Trustees, and PPR

  • Jason Ray (Church Council)
  • Kim Crawford (Finance)
  • Murl Richardson (Trustees)
  • John Knapp (PPR)
PPR (Pastor Parish Relations)

Chair: John Knapp
Staff Connection: Rev. Dr. Chris J. Hayes

Class of 2021: Jared Jones, Ken Hetherington, Shari Harrington

Class of 2022: John Knapp, Holly Hattendorf, Mary Jane Deere

Class of 2023: Bill Campbell, Julie Douglas


Chair: Kim Crawford
Staff Connection: Mary Lobban

Class of 2021: Doke Kiblinger, Drew Brock 

Class of 2022: Lori Nolen, John Leslie

Class of 2023: Kim Crawford, Abby Stowe


Chair: Murl Richardson
Staff Connection: Mary Lobban/Shawn Dickler

Class of 2021: Brad Weaver, David Lytle

Class of 2022: Ned Webster, Jana Brewster, Betty Dalton

Class of 2023: Steve Brooks, Murl Richardson


Chair and Staff Connection: Rev. Dr. Chris J. Hayes

Class of 2021: Mary Jo Linscott, Kara Jones, John Knapp

Class of 2022: Jonathan Stowe, Barry Johnson

Class of 2023: Lisa McCulloch, Carrie Weaver

Lay Members to Annual Conference
  • Chris Olson
  • Cathy Olson
  • Sara Caballero
  • Jerrilyn Entrekin
  • Johnnie Sue Bucek 

If you have any questions or need to get in contact with a member of a committee, contact Lori Davis.