Please note that some of these studies use participant books.

The Bible Year

Tuesdays | 2-3 pm in Room 154 & Zoom OR 7-8 pm on Zoom only

The Bible Year: A Journey Through Scripture in 365 Days by Magrey R. deVega

The Bible Year has reading the Bible in a year mapped out for you day by day with summaries of key themes and ideas to help you better digest and understand your readings. Through reading the Bible using this study, you’re not just reading verse after verse, you’re enriching your spiritual life, developing a deeper faith and forming a closer connection to God and to each other.

Each week we will meet for an hour to view a short video on the past week’s reading and discuss and questions or points of interest that participants had during the week. By doing this as a group, each of us will be held more accountable for our reading. What if life events keep you from reading for a week? Just come and watch the video and discussion and start back up for the next week. The purpose of this study is to grow in your relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit—to grow in your discipleship.

Books are available in the church office for $15.Contact Rev. Kay Lancaster for the Zoom info.

Men's Bible Study

Wednesdays | 7-8 am | Room 154

Join us for a Bible study with great fellowship and scripture discussion every Wednesday morning!

For Such a Time as This?

4th Sunday @ 5 pm/Banquet Room OR the following Wednesday @ 6:30 pm/Zoom

This group is led by Pastor Madison and is open to everyone in the church and community. Contact Pastor Madison for the Zoom info.

2024 is an election year, which comes with many challenges. The news cycle is constantly reminding us of the hostility and ugliness of American politics. Social media becomes a seemingly inescapable battleground. We can't sit around the dinner table with certain family members. Even those of us in the church have a difficult time respecting our congregations' diversity of political opinions. How can we stay connected when our world is so divided? How can we exercise our convictions with compassion? What are the best practices for handling election-related stress and anxiety? The purpose of this group is to equip members of our church and community to model healthier practices for monitoring and maintaining their faith commitments, mental health, and personal relationships throughout an election year. We will look to scripture and one another for guidance and reassurance that we can engage politics this year with grace, hope, and love.

Were You There?

Thursdays in February | 10 am | Room 154

Join Pastor Madison for a 5-week study called Were You There?: The Haunting Legacy and Impact of Negro Spirituals. In this study, we will study the historical context through which Negro Spirituals arose, identify their particular characteristics, wrestle with their theology, and consider what it means to engage these songs in contemporary Christian worship as a predominantly white congregation. This group will meet on Thursdays in February at 10 am in Room 154.

Virtual Lent Book Study

February 19, March 4, & March 18 | 6-7 pm | Zoom only

As a follow-up to our Empty Mangers event back in December, we will be offering a virtual three-part book study for anyone who has ever been impacted by pregnancy and/or infant loss. Email Pastor Madison for the Zoom link. For a free copy of the book, please visit the church office.

Monday, February 19 - Introduction and Part One: The Death of Friday

Monday, March 4 - Part Two: The Silence of Saturday

Monday, March 18 - Part Three: The Hope of Sunday