At First United Methodist Church of Arlington we seek to create an environment where youth can grow in their faith and in community with one another. We are a space where youth from different ages, races, orientations, and backgrounds to come together and make their faith their own in a loving and grace filled environment.

Our Sunday morning program offers youth a different variety of subjects to learn about starting at 10 am in the Underground. This year we’ll offer 2 classes - one walk through the Bible & one on current events. Classes are offered in 6 week increments so students can switch back and forth. Our Sunday Nights begin with games followed by a snack supper, youth led worship and small group discussions lead by our amazing team of youth leaders. 

Other youth opportunities include our Testament Youth Choir who help to lead worship in the 9:00 am Revive worship service every Sunday, and the youth leadership team.


Sundays | 10:00–10:45 am | Underground

Youth gather together as a whole for worship and announcements and then break off into "learning groups" which are a mix of grades as they learn and explore the Bible. 

(Kicks off August 22) Sundays | 5:00-7:00 pm | Underground

Small groups happen every Sunday, beginning with dinner at 5:00 pm.  We will have large group time, followed by small groups. Afterward, games are played in the Great Hall until 7:00 pm. This is a great time to strengthen relationships and make new friends. A snack supper is provided each Sunday, if you or your group would like to provide the meal, sign up online here.

(Kicks off August 22) Sundays | 4:00-5:00 pm | Choir Room

The youth Testament Youth Choir helps to lead worship in the 9:00 am Revive worship service every Sunday in the Great Hall. Rehearsal is on Sundays from 4:00-5:00 pm in the Choir Room. Learn more about the Testament Choir below.



For over three decades Testament Choir led the music weekly in the 8:15 Sanctuary service. They now are part of the Worship Team assisting in leading the 11:00 AM Revive worship service every Sunday in the Great Hall.

Membership in the choir is open to all students in Junior High and High School. Sixth Grade students can join Testament immediately following graduation from Confirmation. There are no try-outs and you don't have to be musically inclined; just come, sing, enjoy the fellowship and worship God through music. 

 In addition to being a part of the Worship Team for the Revive service Testament also prepares special Advent, Christmas and Easter music for the church each year. They also perform musical programs for the community, and present a concert of music prepared for their annual summer choir tour.

In past years, Testament has traveled Coast-to-Coast from California to Florida and points between including Minneapolis, Denver, Chicago, and Washington DC. Their travels have taken them to visit and/or perform in 27 states. They have sung onstage at both Disneyland and Disney World, led worship at the Air Force Academy Chapel and on the rim of the Grand Canyon. During these trips, they sing in churches, nursing homes and homeless shelters, they visit local attractions and work in mission at food banks while having lots of fun fellowshipping with one another.

Rehearsal: Sundays, 4:00  pm | Age: 7th–12th grade | Sanctuary

Please contact Director Greg Haugen for more information.

Testament Fall Flower Sale

The Testament Fall Flower Sale supports the youth choir and helps defray Choir Tour expenses. All flowers are sold by the flat (18 - 4" pots) unless otherwise noted. Price per flat or plant is noted by the name of each offering.

The sale runs through 5:00 pm on Saturday, September 25. Anticipated delivery will be in early to mid-October in the North parking lot. You will be contacted in advance with the date and time of pick-up via email or cell phone.

For more information, contact Roger Stephens or Loni Fancher.

order flowers online


We have multiple scholarships available each spring for students who are members of First UMC Arlington (the Newana Counts Scholarship is open to anyone in the community pursuing a nursing career or related field)

Stay tuned for information on 2021-2022 scholarships.


Loni Fancher
Director of Student Ministries

office: 817-274-2571


Over a decade ago, FUMC of Arlington decided it was of utmost importance to protect children, youth and special needs individuals from potential harm and provide a loving environment for them.

Additionally, to help us fulfill this obligation, a resolution was passed at General Conference in 1996 requiring all conferences to adopt policies to safeguard children and youth. The General Board of Discipleship was given the charge to develop written resources for these policies, which became known as Safe Sanctuaries. 

Our MinistrySafe policy, background checks and MinistrySafe training attempts to do just that for our ministries that deal with children, youth and vulnerable adults.

To volunteer with children's, youth and special needs ministries you must

  • Have been an active participant at FUMC of Arlington for a minimum of six months
  • Fill out a volunteer application
  • Pass a background check
  • Read and sign our MinistrySafe policy
  • Complete provided MinistrySafe training

Required forms to volunteer with the previously stated ministries

Every two years a MinistrySafe training link will be emailed to volunteers wishing to continue volunteering.

Please contact Betsy Spencer or our office at 817.274.2571 for more information or with any questions

Volunteer Application



( )   -

Number of months or years

List any previous volunteer experience

What ministries/activities/programs are you interested in as a volunteer?

What qualities do you have that would help you work with the activity/program for which you are volunteering?

Why would you like to volunteer in our ministry to children, youth, or vulnerable adults?

Have you ever been charged, convicted of, or pled guilty to a crime, either a misdemeanor or a felony (including, but not limited to drug-related charges, child abuse, other crimes of violence, theft, or motor vehicle violations)?

If Yes, explain fully.

Have you ever been exposed to an incident of child abuse or neglect?

If Yes, how did you feel about the incident?

Please list three individuals as references who 1. are not related to you by blood or marriage, 2. are not FUMC of Arlington staff, 3. you have known for at least three years. Email addresses are required (No AISD emails please)

Full Name