For Such a Time as This? Election Year Support Group

For Such a Time as This? Election Year Support Group
Fourth Sunday, from 04/28/2024 to 11/24/2024, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

This group is lead by Pastor Madison and open to everyone in the church and community. It will occur the fourth Sunday of each month through November. If you cannot make it in-person, the same topic will be discussed the following Wednesday at 6:30 pm on Zoom. Check the church calendar for the link. 

2024 is an election year, which comes with many challenges. The news cycle is constantly reminding us of the hostility and ugliness of American politics. Social media becomes a seemingly inescabale battleground. We can't sit around the dinner table wtih certain family members. Even those of us in church have a difficult time respecting our congregations' diversity of political opinions. How can we stay connected when our world is so divided? How can we exercise our convictions with compassion? What are the best practices for handling election-related stress and anxiety? The purpose of this group is to equip members of our church and community to model healtheir practices for monitoring and maintaining their faith commitments, mental health, and personal relationships throughout an election year. We will look to scripture and to one another for guidance and reassurance that we can engage politics this year with grace, hope, and love. 

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