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Sermon Series: Blurred Vision

Sermon Series: Blurred Vision

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Blurred Vision: What is God making clearer? What seems to be blurring even more? How do we feel/find direction in uncertainty?

May 31, 2020 (Pentecost)
"Seeing Past the Critics" | Acts 2:1-13

Any time God is doing something new and different in our world or in our own lives, there are always people who will be critical. They will see the negative and focus on excuses rather than celebrate the new thing. If the early disciples had only listened to the jeers on Pentecost, the church might not be here today. Who do you need to stop listening to so we can be the church and people God is calling us to be?

Sanctuary Service | Revive Worship Podcast

June 7, 2020
"Seeing Temptation and Doubt" | James 1:1-18

Part of the human condition are the temptations that pull us from God or even make us think that we are God. To begin to combat those temptations, we must first notice where we are tempted. Some are drawn to power, others crave worldly gain, still others are tempted by the need to feel needed. In order to more clearly see God’s call on our own lives and our lives together, we must first notice the blurry temptations and doubts we have so that we can become the people God created us to be. 

June 14, 2020
"Seeing Another Way" |  James 1:19-27

So often, we get trapped into black and white vision and thinking. This dualistic thinking can feel clearer in the midst of uncertainty. The good news is that Jesus Christ offers us another way forward that allows to see both sides and then take action for the least and most vulnerable among us. It takes patience, diligence and practice, but God blesses those who work towards it and ultimately is a much clearer way of seeing God’s world. 

June 21, 2020 (Father’s Day)
"Seeing A Way to Act" | James 2:14-26

One of the best ways we show we are people of faith is by our actions, but we have to first be people who identify the places we can act. We have to focus our time and energy where our good deeds and abilities can make an impact. On this Father’s Day weekend we remember that our dads often teach us and show us their love not just through their words but through the actions they take. How can we find ways to see ways of acting in a world full of posturing?

June 28, 2020
"Seeing Before Saying" | James 3:1-12

Too often we live in a world and even we ourselves speak and even act before we think. James reminds us that being faithful means thinking carefully, and striving to see clearly, should always precede our speaking and acting. Taking time to be faithfully thoughtful before we post, speak, react, or interact, is essential to seeing God’s way in our life. 

July 5, 2020
"Seeing With Humility" | James 4:1-10

Humility is one of the most difficult parts of the faithful Christian life. Seeing ourselves as less than others, and seeing God’s unconditional love more than we see our own wants, desires, or opinions is vital to the Christian life. When we humble ourselves before God, we are lifted to a place where we see God’s ways and experience and share God’s love more clearly. 

July 12, 2020
"Seeing God’s Future" | James 4:13-17

Most of us love to plan and know what comes next. We plan and we make assumptions about what we will do and where we will go. In and of itself, these are not bad things, but when we assume we know what the future holds, or when we forget to leave room for the movement of the Holy Spirit who is always changing things and making all things new (even our best laid plans) then we forget what it means to live God’s future and simply live our own. How can we open ourselves in uncertain times, to the certainty that God’s future is better than our plans? 

July 19, 2020
"Seeing with Resolve" | James 5:7-11

Over the last few months we have all had to learn patiences and resolve. Admittedly, this is difficult for us all and some have done better than others. For those who claim to be Christian, we are called to be patient with life and with one another and not complain about others nor our situation. Living a life of faith means giving up our blurred vision that leads to griping and frustration and taking on the resolve of knowing that just like the rain that comes to help the crops grow, so God’s loving spirit comes and meets us in our waiting.

July 26, 2020
"Seeing with Prayer" | James 5:13-20

The only way to see more clearly with God’s vision in the midst of blurred realities is through prayer. When we turn to God in prayer and offer ourselves, our thoughts, our confessions, and our hopes to God, truly all things are possible. If we want to see God’s way, and our way in this life, we must be grounded in a life of prayer. Grounded in prayer means seeking to be constantly connected in conversation with our creator God who loves us and desires connection with each of us.