Work & Rest

Series: Seeing God in Times Like These

Work & Rest

September 13, 2020 | Rev. Dr. Chris J. Hayes

Passage: Exodus 20:8-11

Balancing work and rest is not just good for our physical and emotional well-being, it is also essential to see God in the midst of our daily living. In today's message, Rev. Dr. Chris J. Hayes & Rev. Molly Hayes, deliver the message, "Work and Rest". Centered around Exodus 20:8-11 and Matthew 6:26-29, they explore how God not only shows up when we put our faith into action, but also shows up in very real and important ways when we take time to be still and rest in God’s grace instead of trying to work and fix things in life.

Joining them in worship are Rev. Kay Lancaster and the Genesis Sunday school class. In music, Sean Hale sings "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" and "Lord of the Small", accompanied by Dr. Jamila Javadova-Spitzberg on piano and organ. Prolude and postlude music includes "Organ Piece in G" by A. Hesse and "Prelude and Fugue in D minor" by J.S. Bach.

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Series Information

In the strange new realities that we find ourselves in, how do we continue to find and see God clearly? We are promised that God is always with us and that we are never alone, but seeing God and God’s work in our daily living can be a great challenge. Join us the next several weeks as we seek to learn how to see God in our midst.

Based in part on Barbara Brown Taylor’s book “An Altar in the World”

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