United With Those in Need

Series: United Not Divided

United With Those in Need

October 18, 2020 | Rev. Dr. Chris J. Hayes

Passage: Luke 10:25-37

The Good Samaritan is a well known story even outside of the Christian tradition, but living into its understanding and meaning is something that Christians throughout history have struggled to fully embrace. We tend to divide people into categories of those like us and those not like us and make judgements based upon those impressions. The problem is, as scripture reveals, assumptions about people are often (if not always) wrong and prevent us from living lives united with those in need and with others who desire to help. We can find unity with those suffering. We can find unity with those serving, and we can focus on the needs of the world around us instead of the things that might divide us or assumptions we might make.

Take a closer look at the story from Luke 10:25-37 in this week's message, "United With Those in Need" from Rev. Dr. Chris J. Hayes. Joining him in worship this week is Rev. Molly Hayes, Allie Johnson, the Upper Room Sunday school class, and we also have a special feature on Arlington Urban Ministries.

In music, Sean Hale sings "O Church of God, United" and Cesar Hernandez sings "Here I Am, Lord", accompanied by Arthur Busby on violin and Dr. Jamila Javadova-Spitzberg on piano.

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Finding unity in God’s unconditional love and grace allows us to be thankful for all of God’s children – even those who vote, believe, and think differently than we do. Christ insisted on unity of purpose, vision, and love no matter our differences. Let us journey together to find unity not division, to be united, not divided!

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