Finish What is Started

Series: Cultivate a Grateful Journey

Finish What is Started

November 21, 2021 | Rev. Molly Hayes

Passage: Philippians 1:1-6

Have you ever had a project that seems to always be a work in progress? Our faith walk is often the same, but we have the good news that God has started a good work within each of us and promises to see that good work through. In today’s message “Finish what is Started”, Rev. Molly Hayes explains how God’s presence through all things helps us be people of gratitude. Our scripture for this final week of "Cultivate a Grateful Journey" is Philippians 1:1-6.

Series Information

Our attitude and how we see the world around us is one of the biggest parts of being a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. For those who are walking daily with Jesus, we see the world through Jesus’ eyes, not just from our human perspective. This means that no matter what, we see reason for gratitude and thanksgiving (rejoicing in all circumstances) and finding the Good News, even in the difficult times of life.

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