Caring & Support


The prayer team respects the individual’s privacy while praying for all requests received. You may submit a prayer request using the form below, the Connection cards in the pews, or the confidential cards in the church office.

After Hours

If there is an emergency after office hours, please call 817-274-2571 and follow the instructions on the answering machine. The pastor on call will return your call as soon as possible.


Each week, we bring prayers before our congregation for families that have experienced a loss, as well as those that want to share their joy about the birth of a baby. Call the church office if you have a prayer to add to First Prayers. If you would like to view the most recent prayers, click the button below.


You are invited to become a part of the prayer team by receiving the weekly church prayer list via e-mail or by coming to the church Prayer Room to pray for the needs of our church. Contact Rev. Michelle Clark for more information on how to get involved.

The prayer team respects the individual’s privacy while praying for all requests received. You may submit a prayer request using the Connection cards in the pew sign-in folders or the confidential cards in the church office.

The Hearts of Service ministry knits and crochets shawls and prayer patches for people experiencing illness, grief or adversity in their lives. You do not need to know how to knit or crochet to join, and if you’d like to learn, there are willing teachers. Contact Rev. Michelle Clark for more information or if you would like to take a prayer shawl to someone you know.


The Congregational Care Ministry provides compassionate, caring concern through personal service to members of our church family and community who have special needs. You may be interested in participating in one of our various areas of service. Our volunteers work in small groups or as individuals to provide for the needs of our congregation through:

  • Visiting homebound members
  • Providing a meal
  • Visiting at hospitals
  • Making caring calls
  • Writing caring notes

If you’re interested in volunteering in any of these areas, please contact the church office at 817-274-2571 or Rev. Michelle Clark.


Stephen Ministry is a program that equips lay persons to provide distinctively Christian-based spiritual care for persons who are experiencing illness, grief, divorce, aging and other life difficulties. Matthew 25:40, "Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it for me." is their inspiration. Stephen Minister participates in a minimum of 50 hours of training that equips them to provide one-on-one confidential care and support. Once commissioned by the church in a worship service, Stephen Ministers participate in monthly supervision and education sessions.

Stephen Ministers show up, they care, they provide confidential care.

What does a Stephen Minister do?

First United Methodist Church of Arlington Stephen Ministers

  • Visit folks in care centers
  • Visit folks who are homebound
  • Provide one-on-one care for people who are grieving, in a job crisis, divorcing, lonely, aging and other life transitions
Request a Stephen Minister

Individuals may request a Stephen Minister by contacting the church office at 817.274.2571 or

Become a Stephen Minister

Individuals, who wish to become a Stephen Minister, please contact the church office for an application. For information about training content, contact the church office at 817. 274.2571 or 

More Information

For further information on Stephen Ministries, please visit the main Stephen Ministries website. You will have access to four short videos describing the many dimensions of Stephen Ministries, including both receiving and giving care.

Support Groups

Understanding Your Grief Support Group

Mondays, May 1, 8, 15, 22 and Tuesday, May 30
6:00-7:30 pm | Room 102

Understanding Your Grief is a 5-week support group that will explore your pain and grief, committment to healing and growth, how to move into the world after the loss of a loved one, and how God teaches we are not alone in our pain. Each week builds on the next, so it is important to attend all five sessions if possible. Please RSVP to Pastor Michelle.

Facilitated by Rev. Michelle Clark

Caregiver Support

Meets the 4th Tuesday of the month | Room 102

Join other caregivers on the 4th Tuesday of each month in a safe place to discuss challenges, joys, and best practices for taking care of family members and yourself, while finding comfort in God’s promises to walk along side us. All are welcome. 

Facilitated by lay leader Sharla Martin


The Hearts and Hands ministry creates a variety of crafts that benefit our church and local community. Some examples include handmade cards, worry worms, sleeping mats for the homeless, prayer patches, and more. Many members work on crafts at home and bring completed projects to the church to be distributed, in addition to crafting events throughout the year. For more information on how to get connected, contact Rev. Michelle Clark.


Craft Days
Mondays | 1:00-3:00 pm | Room 100
Each Monday a group meets to work primarily on crocheting sleeping mats for the homeless using "plarn" (yarn created from plastic shopping bags). All are welcome to attend. Learn more about creating the sleeping mats using the video below!


You may have noticed the labyrinth located between the North Parking lot and the red brick house across North Street. You may also have asked—why is it there, what is it for, and who can use it?

The labyrinth at First United Methodist Arlington is in the classic design of one the most famous labyrinths which is located at Chartres Cathedral. The labyrinth is also known as a “Sacred Walk” or “Holy Path”.  It is an ancient meditative tool that has been used for centuries for prayer, meditation and spiritual growth/growth in our relationship with God. It is designed to be a symbolic pilgrimage on an unbroken path to the presence of God. 

Anyone can pray in our labyrinth. There are many ways to pray in a labyrinth, but here are four ways to get you started:

  1. Ask God a question as you enter the path. Then, as you walk slowly through the twists and turns, listen for an answer. Let your steps and your silence invite the presence and guidance of God.
  2. Start your journey to the center with confession (you may want to visualize your troubles being left behind with every step you take). When you reach the center, journey out with affirmation (perhaps visualizing yourself picking things up or putting things on–like the righteousness of Christ, the smile of the God, the purity of the Holy Spirit, etc.). Pause at the exit and give thanks for your cleansing journey.
  3. Recite the Lord’s prayer, Psalm 23, or other scripture such as “Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me” as you navigate the labyrinth.
  4. Lay down your burdens as you walk to the center of the labyrinth (perhaps laying down pebbles along the way as symbols of your worries or cares). In the center, pause to thank God for taking your burdens on. Then count your blessings and give thanks on the journey to the exit.