FUMC of Arlington



For many of our members and their families, First United Methodist Church of Arlington is a crucial part of their lives.

As members of this community of faith, we are drawn closer to God and each other. As we grow in our faith through the sacrament of baptism, participating in worship, singing in the choir and serving God, we share some of the most important experiences of our lives.

So it is only natural that the church—which is a cornerstone of the city’s history—be the final resting place for those who choose it. Just steps away from the Sanctuary and Vandergriff Chapel, the columbarium provides a sacred space for our loved ones.

This holy place offers a peaceful setting for prayer, meditation, thanksgiving and remembering.

What is a columbarium?

The word columbarium comes from the Latin word columbary, which is a structure for the nesting of doves—the dove being the symbol of God’s spirit and peace. A columbarium refers to a burial vault for the containment of urns holding cremated remains. It is an old term and an old tradition used for centuries here and abroad.

Once completed, the Columbarium at FUMC of Arlington will have 14 units containing 560 limestone and granite niches, each capable of holding two urns.

Where is it located?

The covered walkway, between the Sanctuary and Vandergriff Chapel, has been converted into a secure area with new lighting, porcelain tile flooring, architectural grillwork, stained glass, granite benches, potted landscape and religious art.

Why select a columbarium niche?

Selecting the columbarium simplifies the planning process since there is no need to shop for a burial plot, casket, vault or monument. Services can be held at the church.

Find out more

Have questions? Please contact Kathy Martin, columbarium coordinator, at 817-274-2571 or email at kmartin@arlingtonmethodist.org.