FUMC of Arlington



What is baptism?

Baptism is a sacrament‚ ritual practice that is an expression of God's grace. Baptism conveys that we are accepted, renewed and reconciled by God's grace and welcomed into the church. Baptism also involves our acceptance of God's unconditional love for us and repentance of our sin. We believe that at baptism, God's grace begins to work in our lives‚ shaping and forming us into people whose lives reflect our love for God, one another and the world.

At what age should someone be baptized?

In the United Methodist Church, baptism may occur at any age because we believe that God's grace is a gift offered to us at any age, and is not conditional on our faith or worthiness.

When we baptize infants and young children, we celebrate God's grace in their life and their inclusion into the church. Parents make a commitment to raise their child in the church, and the church commits to nurture and support the child as they grow in their faith.

When we baptize older children and adults, we emphasize not only the gift of God's grace and their inclusion in the church, but also their repentance and profession of faith.

Baptism and Church Membership

Baptism is the first step in a Christian life and a requirement for church membership. If you were baptized in another Christian denomination, we recognize your baptism. If you wish to join the church and you have not been baptized, we would be honored to baptize you.

What must someone do to be baptized?

If you are interested in baptism for yourself or for your child, we encourage you to contact our church office at 817-274-2571.

What do we believe about re-baptism?

The United Methodist Church believes baptism is the work of God, not the work of the church. We believe God's grace endures and God's promises are never broken and, therefore, do not practice re-baptism at our church. However, we as humans often fail to keep our promises to God and so our church offers opportunities to re-affirm baptismal vows.

What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a public affirmation of one's baptismal vows before the congregation. At FUMC of Arlington, confirmation involves a yearlong class offered to 6th grade students to prepare them for their confirmation and formal reception into church membership. During this confirmation class, confirmands learn about the meaning of the Christian faith, the history and teachings of The United Methodist Church and the meaning of the membership vows they will be professing.