FUMC of Arlington


Weekly Gatherings and Worship

Sunday Morning Youth Gathering

Sundays | 9:30–10:30 am | Underground

Youth will gather together as a whole for worship and announcements and then break off into "learning groups" which are a mix of grades as they learn and explore the Bible. 

We’re working through a year-long study that is going to change the way your teenager looks at the Bible. It’s called The Thread, and it’s designed to accomplish two things. 

First, your teenager will learn the big-picture story of Scripture. So many teenagers simply don’t have a grasp of the narrative of the Bible. Key characters. Key events. Few teenagers understand how these elements fit into the story of God and God's people. The Thread aims to change this.

Second, your teenager will learn what the Gospel is, and how it literally courses through the narrative of the Bible. Not only will your students learn the story of the Bible, but they will see that it is a story of unfailing love, as God seeks from the beginning of Creation to draw humankind to God through the grace of the Gospel.

The Thread will teach your teenager God’s story. And it will teach him or her how God wove God's thread of love through every page of it.

Sunday Night Youth 

Sundays | 5:15–7:30 pm | Underground
Snack Supper offered Click here to sign up for snack supper or to view the schedule!

During the school year:
Small groups happen every Sunday, beginning with dinner at 5:15 pm.  We will have large group time, followed by small groups. Afterward, games are played in the Great Hall until 7:30 pm. This is a great time to strengthen relationships and make new friends.

During the summer:
Summer evenings are designed around group building, fun activities, and discipleship.