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Worship Times

Worship Times

Worship meets a vital need in our lives, it celebrates and nurtures our relationship with God. We worship to experience the presence of God and to be reminded of God's love.

But how we choose to meet God, to have that intimate conversation, can be as different as each person who walks through the church's door. At First United Methodist Church of Arlington, we offer different styles of worship services each Sunday to help you have that personal encounter with God's presence, so you can be renewed by the experience.

Traditional Worship Service

8:15, 9:30 and 11 am | Sanctuary

Every Sunday, two traditional services are offered in the Sanctuary, one at 8:15 am, and another at 11 am, when the Adult Chancel Choir provides the music. These service are led by Rev. Steve Langford.

For those seeking the ritual of communion each Sunday, but still in a traditional worship setting, the church conducts the Wesleyan Worship in the Sanctuary at 9:30 am. The Adult Chancel Choir performs at this service. Rev. Steve Langford also preaches God's word at this time.

Sermons can be found online on Facebook at the link below. To view archived sermons from August 19, 2018 and before, visit our Vimeo page here.

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Revive Contemporary Worship Service

11 am | Great Hall

For those seeking a more contemporary style of singing God's praise, they are welcome to attend the Revive Worship Service in the church's Great Hall at 11 am. Center313, a praise band, and the youth Testament Choir provide the music, and communion also is served every week. This service is led by Rev. Ramiro Rodriguez.

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El Servicio La Jornada
The Jornada Service

La Jornada is currently on break. Please check back here for future worship times.
La Jornada está actualmente en descanso. Por favor revisa aquí para futuros tiempos de adoración.

La Primera Iglesia Metodista Unida de Arlington cree que no importa de donde somos o qué lengua hablamos porque somos todos miembros de la familia de Dios. Por eso tenemos un servicio de adoración hispanohablante cada domingo para extender las paredes de nuestra iglesia para incluir la comunidad circundante. La liturgía está completamente en español pero todos están bienvenidos, no importa qué lengua hablan.

The First United Methodist Church of Arlington believes that no matter where we come from or what language we speak, we are all members of God’s family. For this reason, we have a Spanish-speaking service every Sunday in an effort to expand the walls of our church into the surrounding community. The liturgy is completely in Spanish, but all are welcome no matter what language they speak.

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