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Sermon Series

Sermon Series

The Kingdom is Here, Now!

New worship series beginning Sunday, January 7

The central theme of Jesus’ preaching was “The Kingdom of God is here, now!” (See Mark 1:15.) Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom to be a current reality to be recognized and embraced, inviting people to open their hearts and minds to it. As we move toward the Lenten season, Holy Week, and Easter, this central theme of Jesus’ ministry will be the overarching theme of our worship: the Kingdom is here, now!!  Pastor Steve will follow the gospel of Mark to show how the Kingdom is a reality in our midst … here, now! … and lead us in exploring the implications of the Kingdom on our lives as the followers of Jesus today. 

January 7 | "Beloved" | Mark 1:9-13

January 14 | "Do You Not Yet Understand?" | Mark 8:22-26

January 21 | "The Kingdom is Now" | Mark 1:14-15

January 28 | "Your Sins Are Forgiven!" | Mark 2:1-12

February 4 | "Naming Our Demons" | Mark 5:1-20

February 11 | "Are You Paying Attention?" | Mark 9:2-13