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Sermon Series: "Break Free From A Culture of More"

Sermon Series: "Break Free From A Culture of More"

There is a deep and true pull in our culture to keep up with other people and to have all the best, newest, and shiniest things in life. This pull to have more almost feels like the law of gravity. It is always there and very difficult to escape. We often feel trapped by the need to earn more, do more, acquire more, and be more. What would it feel like to break free from that pull towards more, and truly be able to live the life of more than enough that God desires for us? 

Join us this November as we consider how we break free and offer ourselves and our gifts to God for the coming year.

November 3 | "Discovering Gravity" | Matthew 19:16-26
Michelle Clark preaching in the Sanctuary, All Saints Sunday


 Living on our own, or following the patterns and norms of this world, we feel the weight of material possessions and the feelings of scarcity that often surround our understanding of finances. God did not create us to live in scarcity or to live bound by the protocols and norms of this world. When we can break free from the worldly pull of our possessions it almost feels like we are breaking free from the pull of gravity in our lives. The struggles are very real, but so is the reward and benefit to living free from the weight of scarcity thinking and prioritizing material wealth. This week join us as we give God thanks for those saints who have gone before us and offered themselves and their resources so that we might break free into the life of abundance and joy that God has for each of us.

November 10 | "Breaking Free" | Philippians 2:3-8
Veterans Day Recognition

The way we break free from the negativity that comes with scarcity thinking and trying to keep up with the Jones in our financial life is by living lives of humility that think of others above self. Scripture is clear that when we act like Jesus and think of others above ourselves, we free ourselves up from the pain and struggles that we often inflict on ourselves as we live by the standards of the world around us. When we give selflessly, we find the deeper meaning and joy that God wants for us in life.

November 17 | "Tethered to God" | 1 Timothy 6:17-21

Where we are focused and where we find our core hope in life determines how faithful we are living our lives of discipleship. If our hope is in money, power, our jobs, or material possessions, we have forgotten that it is in Christ alone that we can find hope and eternal grace. Shifting our focus and staying connected to God as the source of our hope creates within us the ability to break free from what others often see as the source of hope during this life.

November 24 | "When We Get It Right" | Matthew 6:19-27
Loyalty Sunday

When we get our relationship with God right, because we have a right relationship with our worldly possessions, we break free from the worry and struggles that often plague us. We are able to focus on God, on one another, and on serving the world around us, realizing that this is where we find our true value and worth. As we consider how we will support the ministries of Jesus Christ through First UMC Arlington in the year to come, may our prayer be less about the dollars and more about breaking free from our culture of always needing more, never having enough, and may we live into the joy and hope that only comes from prioritizing God and ministry in our life.