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Sermon Series

Sermon Series

Lent Worship Series "Reflecting on Justice & Mercy"

Lent is a season of spiritual preparation leading up to Easter. It is the forty days before Easter, excluding Sundays. For centuries, the church has observed Lent as a special time of self-examination and penitence. 

This Lent (and Easter too) we will be not only growing in gratitude, but we will also explore how God’s grace and justice toward us is extended by believers toward other people—God’s children. These topics are worthy of discussion in our small groups as well.

March 5 | "Temptations of the Law" | Matthew 4:1-11

March 12 | "Parables of God’s Just Kingdom" | Matthew 13:24-30

March 19 | "Jesus Teaches about Justice" | Matthew 15:1-9

March 26 | "Reaping God’s Justice" | Luke 16:19-31

April 2 | "Jesus Criticizes Unjust Leaders" | Matthew 23:1-4, 23-26

April 9 | "Entering God’s Kingdom" | Luke 13:22-30