FUMC of Arlington

Upcoming Outreach & Mission Trips

Upcoming Outreach & Mission Trips

*Please contact Michelle Clark, mission and outreach coordinator, to register to for any of the below events.

Upcoming Events

Angel Tree

Sunday, December 3
Our angel tree will be out in the hallway in front of the church office. The Angels will benefit our Big Hope students at Webb as well as AISD Families in Transition.

Cookies for the Troops

Boxes go out Sunday, December 10
Due back by Monday, December 18 at 5 pm 

Central Texas Conference churches will join efforts to provide dozens of homemade cookies to the troops in December. Your part is easy-just pick out your favorite recipe and bake two dozen cookies! Boxes for cookies will be available in the hallway starting Sunday, December 10. Cookies will need to be dropped off by December 18 at 5 pm. 

Tips for the Best Cookies:

Choose Your Cookies: You want sturdy cookies that can handle the long-distance travel. The best choices are chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, gingersnaps, and snickerdoodles. Use a fool-proof recipe found on the chocolate chip packaging. Nothing crumbly, sticky, or requires refrigeration. 

Bake Your Cookies: Use a small scoop to make the cookies uniform. The cookies will bake evenly and be easier to pack into the zip lock bag, once they have cooled completely. 

Pack Your Cookies: Separate cookie layers with parchment paper to keep them from sticking. Remove all the air from the zip lock bag and seal tightly. 

No Guessing Games: Clearly label the package as to type of cookie and if it contains nuts or peanut butter. 

Send it with Love: Enclose a personal letter and/or card for the recipient offering encouragement.