FUMC of Arlington



First United Methodist Church of Arlington does amazing work for God’s Kingdom thanks to your giving. On Sunday mornings alone, we offer classes to over 100 children, over 90 youth and 430 plus adults!

As we look to 2014, we are called not only to continue our service, but grow it as well. Each year, we continue to increase our commitment to missions such as Operation Christmas Child. We also feel being able to help subsidize the costs of international mission trips is important to give our members a broader understanding of the needs of the world’s impoverished. As we increase our annual dedication to these missions, we need our budget to continue to grow with our outreach.

This year has been difficult for many of us and just considering giving to the church is a big step of faith, but we want you to know it is the gift given in trying times that means the most to God. 

We are asking you to join us in a new way of thinking about generosity—a way of life with transformational power. We can’t do it alone, just as you can’t do it alone. We need each other, and to believe that through God, anything is possible.


You can now pledge online.

Online Giving

While we currently do not offer online giving, you can download our electronic transfer form and credit card request form.

To pledge simply:

You may also contact Mary Lobban directly at 817-274-2571 to set up a new pledge.


Please contact us at 817-274-2571 with any questions.