FUMC of Arlington


Upcoming Events

If you will be taking part in our events, we require a completed release form available for download: Youth | Adult

Souper Bowl of Caring

February 1 - after each service

Youth take up spare change collection for local charity. If you would like to hold a "bucket" for money, please let Juddie know.

Family Night of Fellowship

February 8 - 5:30 pm

An evening of fun and fellowship for parents of youth and confirmands. This evening will also kick off a new speaker series for parents that will bring in professionals to meet and visit with our youth parents about vaious issues. There will be a potluck dinner with chicken provided.

Stock Sales

March 15-26 (more details soon)

Junior High Mission Trip

June 15-19 (location & cost TBD)

Senior High Mission Trip

July 5-11 (location & cost TBD)

Senior Retreat (2015 HS grads)

July 29-August 1

Senior Appreciation (formerly Senior Send-off)

August 2 - 5:30

Youth Week

August 3-7

Youth participate in various fun activies. Details will come later.

Youth Sunday

August 9

Youth lead all facets of worship for 3 sanctuary services.


Contact Joseph Bradley, director of youth ministries, or Juddie Rice, administrative assistant for youth ministries, for more information.