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Events and Actvities

If you will be taking part in our events, we require a completed release form available for download: Youth | Adult

First United Methodist Church of Arlington 2016 Youth Calendar

Our youth program wants you to be in the know about upcoming events and actvities. To help with this we have put together a 2015 Calendar that is full of youth events, dates for small groups, and much more. To download our 2016 Calendar CLICK HERE.

Spring and Summer Events and Activities

The Fall semester is here, which means Small Groups will be starting back, along with a lot of other events and activities through out the Spring. You can find all of those events and activities below. 

For more information on events, activities, or scholarships contact Brittany Wright, Assistant Director of Youth Ministries.

March Events and Activities

March 12th: No Evening Youth
March 19-30th: Stock Sales

April Events and Activities

April 16th: Easter // No Evening Youth

May Events and Activities

May 7th: Confirmation Clapdown

May 14th: Mother's day // No Evening Youth
May 28th: After Youth Activity

June Events and Activities

June 4th: Senior Recognition Sunday and Breakfast

June 11-17th: Senior High Mission Trip Register

June 19-23rd: Junier HIgh Mission Trip Register

July Events and Activities

July 8-15th: Testament Choir Tour Click Here for More Information
July 26-29th: Senior Retreat Register

July 18th, 20th, 24th, 26th: Youth Night Out

August Events and Activities

August 1st, 4th: Youth Night Out
August 6th: Youth Sunday


Contact Brittany Wright, Assistant Director of Youth Ministries, for more information.